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MTS Psychotherapy is headed by Manuela Surgeon, who is a female Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with over 25 years experience working in NHS and independent mental health services. Manuela is passionate about your mental health, overcoming stigma and psychotherapy.   

Clients come to MTS Psychotherapy because they are experiencing recurrent anxiety/fears, depression, relationship issues linked to past and recent trauma, which is preventing them from enjoying their life. 

By providing a safe and confidential environment, we support you to address and work through the causes of your psychological distress, reduce symptoms, explore present and past life to enable you to live more fully and to make a difference to both today and the future. 

Small business owners are able to directly access a private mental health service to support the mental wellness of their work force. 

North Wales, Flint

One off therapeutic consultations

There is free advise available on this website if you are feeling overwhelmed in light of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. 

If you feel personal psychological support is indicated, one off psychotherapeutic consultations are available in person and via video apps. 

Please click here to enquire further. 

Short and Long Term Therapy

Long standing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression have a disabling effect on your every day life by experiencing continuous high levels of anxiety and panic, ongoing low mood and sadness, feeling hopeless and tearful. MTS Psychotherapy is able to offer psychological support to reduce symptoms, resulting in you being able to enjoy life.  We discuss with you the options and benefits of short or long term psychotherapy, which take place usually on a weekly basis. 

Please note that individual psychotherapy is now being facilitated in person again. 

The NHS Moodzone website provides an overview of different mental health conditions and helpful information. Please click to access the website. 

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Manuela created a sense of security that enabled me to acknowledge thoughts and feelings that had troubled me but remained half-buried.  Her quiet observations did not intrude but had positive effects that reached beyond the initial struggles that had brought me to therapy.”

"I sought help from Manuela in August 2018 to help to overcome my fear of flying. She taught me meditation, thinking and stress techniques that over a four week period enabled me to get a hold on my fear and to take serious steps in dealing with it ... and able to fly again..."

"...having sought Manuela's guidance during a difficult period of my life, I found her approach to be very calming and reassuring..."