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Passionate about Mental Health

Are you struggling to cope?     


Anxiety?                Depression?         Self-esteem issues?  


Trauma?           Relationship issues?             Stress at work?

Why not try Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy to help you cope with the daily pressures and set yourself free.


MTS Psychotherapy Ltd. is passionate about your mental health, overcoming stigma and psychotherapy.    


By providing a safe and confidential environment we support you to address and work through the causes of your psychological distress, reduce symptoms, to explore present and past life to enable you to live more fully and to make a difference to both today and the future.

Small business owners are supported to provide mental health awareness for their work force and thus promoting positive mental health and reducing the impact of employee sickness.

A walk

My eyes already touch the sunny hill

going far ahead of the road I have begun

Rainer Maria Rilke

".....having sought Manuela's guidance during a difficult period of my life, I found her approach to be very calming and reassuring...."