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MTS Psychotherapy - Moving Forward

Posted on 25 March, 2017 at 0:15

Psychotherapy helps clients who may be experiencing difficulties and problems in their life by lifting their general sense of well-being, helping people to manage their lives more effectively and in-turn help to positively influence their mental and physical health. Operating from three venues across Wirral, Telford and Flintshire, owner and Psychotherapist Manuela Surgeon, can help you to take control of your life and to understand the influences that are impacting and affecting your life and those around you. MTS Psychotherapy – Moving Forward

Manuela is fully qualified in all areas of Psychotherapy and has an incredible amount of practical experience and understanding having worked with individuals and groups whilst working with the NHS, Independent Hospitals and Private Clinics. She has a relaxed, comforting and confident manner and has specialist experience in Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Problems and Self-Esteem conditions.

Manuela tells us “I am passionate about providing a safe and confidential environment to support you, to explore past and present life, to address the causes of your problems, reduce symptoms, and live more fully and to make a difference to both today and your future”.

MTS Psychotherapy can help benefit many people including those with:

• Relationship problems at home or at work

• Recurring Anxiety and Depression

• Historical difficulties that continue to affect behaviour and feelings

• Eating Disorders

• Problems with self-esteem

• Stress related symptoms at home and work

• Sleep behaviours

• Student related difficulties such as depression, stress and anxiety

Manuela and MTS Psychotherapy have extensive experience and can help you cope with many other life-affecting difficulties, please make contact and have an initial meeting. If you don’t want to meet up again then there is no requirement to do so or you can discuss a suitable plan for moving forward.

If you would like to meet with Manuela at MTS Psychotherapy and discuss the difficulties that you are facing in your life, then please make contact, remembering that your conversation and meetings will remain confidential.


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MTS Psychotherapy – Moving Forward

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