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I Can't Cope with Getting Through the Next Hour, Day or Night

Posted on 20 June, 2017 at 8:35

We all face difficulties in life. Today’s pressures are mounting and are relentless. Life events often take over such as illness, grieving, relationships, money, housing or a whole host of other influences that affect our lives. Different people cope in different ways and manage the daily pressures in their own way, but we all have our own levels of coping.

For those less able to cope, these daily pressures can mount and become a huge barrier to being able to move forward. Sometimes coping with the next hour, day or getting through the night can be a massive challenge and disrupt the person’s life, adding to the stress on the coping system and creating further upset.

A recognised way in which to help cope with these “life pressures” is to talk about them to someone with a “sympathetic ear”, someone who understands what you are experiencing and someone who will not judge you for struggling to cope. Bottling up worries and challenges can lead to them growing into worse anxieties and worries. Talking to the right person about your troubles can help you understand your fears and help build a fresh perspective that will help you to cope as you move forward.

MTS Psychotherapy can help you to see the way forward and is headed by Manuela Surgeon, a fully qualified psychotherapist. She can help people who maybe experiencing pressures that are having a negative impact on their lives at home and/or in the workplace.

Manuela will listen and work with you, help you to understand the factors that are having a negative impact on your life and develop a plan to help you cope and manage these external, stressful influences that are affecting your ability to cope with getting through the immediate moment, the next hour, day or through the night.

With clinics in 3 three different venues in Wirral, Telford and Flintshire, MTS Psychotherapy help people from Merseyside, Cheshire, Shropshire, North Wales and the North West. For those people who may not be able to visit any of the clinics, Manuela can offer support through the workplace, via telephone or Skype, allowing you to talk about your own personal challenges.

Get in touch with Manuela, it’s good to talk and she has that “sympathetic, understanding ear” that can help.

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