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Divorce and the impact on your mental health

Posted on 27 November, 2017 at 5:25

Divorce nowadays appears to be a common occurrence. A divorce can present with many implications for everyone involved, such as the couple and where present, the children and also the wider family. The effects of a divorce can have an impact not only on everyone’s physical health, but also on a psychological level. It is well documented in literature that there is a link with anxiety and depression as well as a high risk of abusing alcohol. There is evidence that during and after the divorce period women and men are at risk of experience a range of mental health issues.

Reference: Svedin, CG; Wadsby, M 1998 :The presence of psychiatric consultations in relation to divorce Acta Psychiatr Scand, Nov; 98 (5): 414-422

A recognised way in which to help cope with the impact of divorce is to talk about it to someone with a “sympathetic ear”, someone who understands what you are experiencing and someone who will not judge you for struggling to cope. Bottling up worries and challenges during a difficult time such as a divorce, can lead to them growing into worse anxieties and potential depression. Talking to the right person about your troubles can help you manage your anxieties and low mood, which will help you to cope as you move forward. Even if the divorce has been your choice, it can still be a confusing and emotional time.

MTS Psychotherapy can help you and to see the way forward. MTS Psychotherapy is headed by Manuela Surgeon, a fully qualified psychotherapist and who will listen and work with you during confidential meetings, help you to manage the impact of a divorce and develop a plan to help you cope. In time this will allow you to regain control of your life, which can lead to an improvement on quality of life and your mental well-being.

With clinics in 2 different venues in Flint, North Wales and Telford, Shropshire, MTS Psychotherapy can help people from North Wales, Wirral, Chester, Cheshire, Shropshire and the North West. With extensive experience and training, Manuela specialises in Stress, Relationship problems, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma in early and later years and Self-Esteem conditions. She will meet with you and immediately put you at ease with her confident, relaxed and comforting manner and approach.

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