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Strengthening Resilience Work Shop 

Strengthening resilience is an important part of mental well being. At home and at work, we often experience stressful situations and experiences. It is important to note that stress is a positive experience and not a mental health condition, however ongoing stressful situations and experiences can play a major part in resilience being weakened. This can result in serious mental and physical conditions. 

Attending this workshop will enable you to identify stress, our bodily response to it and how to manage unhealthy stress levels in order to strengthen resilience and ensure positive mental and physical health. Further, you will be familiarised with the 5 steps to mental well-being, resulting in strong mental and physical health. 

The venue for the work shop is Enterprise House, Aber Park, Flint, CH6 5EX and due to be facilitated on a Wednesday evening from 6.30 - 8.45 pm. The cost of attendance is £35 per person. A deposit will secure your place. Dates are due to be announced for January 2019.

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